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Vanessa VanAlstyne 2021

Vanessa VanAlstyne is an artist living in Las Vegas, NV, but was born in West Texas. Zeir current work looks at biology, psychedelic art, biomorphic surrealism, death, and medical history. Zey have a BA from the University of Texas at Dallas (2007) and an MFA from the University of Houston (2010). Zeir current body of work has been influenced by her ownership of Las Vegas Oddities, a store that focused on the unusual, rare, and macabre (2017-2020.) Zey live with zeir husband and various pets in Las Vegas, and zeir hobbies include video games and fucking up the gender binary.

Artistic Statement:
Vanessa VanAlstyne walks down the path zer peers have set before zer, and as a visual magician zey pull from the past the vision and images that make zeir work. Zey walk the road of death, creating visual maps for souls looking to pass on to the next plane. Through the alchemy of the tool and the wisdom of the word zey pull from death photography, occult scripts, modernist artworks, medical illustrators, and physician manuals to create psychopomps and portraits to better understand the nature of the universe and move beyond

Vanessa can be reached on Instagram @VanVanAlstyne or via the form below.