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Vanessa VanAlstyne is an artist living in Las Vegas, NV, but was born in West Texas to a family hat was both in oil and medicine. Her current work looks at biology, psychedelic art, biomorphic surrealism, death, and medical history. She has a BA from the University of Texas at Dallas (2007) and an MFA from the University of Houston (2010). Her earlier work focused on “the glitch” as the defining essence of media and strived to provide creative interpretations of this glitch. Her current body of work has been influenced by her ownership of Las Vegas Oddities, a store that focused on the unusual, rare, and macabre (2017-2020.) Instead of looking at a media source for error as definition she is reconsidering the nature of biology to reconsider the essence of life.

Vanessa can be reached on Instagram @VanVanAlstyne or via the form below.