Helping Houston Area Buildings Cope With Disaster

Helping Houston Area Buildings Cope With the Emotional Tax of Dangerous Weather

Digital Video 2010
Vanessa VanAlstyne


Little thought goes into the emotional state of our buildings. Buildings house millions of people and workers through out the world, but often their struggles go unheard. Houston area buildings face destructive weather that few areas of the country do. This video is to be played in the homes of Houston Area residents so that a dialog can exist between buildings and tenants. This is in hopes that the needs of Houston area buildings can be met in a constructive and positive way. 

 To properly play this video you should present it to the building on the largest screen in the house. If you have a movie projector please project the film straight on to the wall. Leave a pencil/pen out with some white writing paper, and give the building lots of time to respond. You can also try to tape record the buildings cry’s, but remember to talk to the building before and after. 

Reassure your building you are only looking out for it’s emotional well being and want to make sure it stays healthy and strong for years. Who knows your building might have a special message just for you!

Remember buildings see owners die, move on, and experience radical interior and external changes with little input on how they feel about them. This suffering can result in foundation cracks, settling noises (cry’s for help), leaky roofs, and a general feeling of “unease.”

Finding out how your building feels, and addressing these issues can lead to a long happy lifestyle for both residents and buildings.


I’ll Wait For You

I’ll Wait For You
Experiments involing creating a digital world for a digital character and filming the character in that environment. Here the avatar waits to be seen and the world to be experinced.
Second Life, Digital Video, 2009
Vanessa VanAlstyne

I’m Like a Tiger,
I have a taste for you.
One Taste of You,
And I will never forget.

My Girlish Persuits,
In the wake of you,
Sense I have A Taste of You,
I Will Wait For You.

How could I ever forget?