Art Party

Art Party 

Last night was simple, it started out with with a video, a video projection, and a band. The pixelated ascii video flickered and moved it’s way across the wall, while the smaller player full of bright orbs of color danced behind the glaring white veil.
The musicians moved around, tuning there instruments, adjusting there sound, and finally the bouncer was in place and the show kicked in with a fevered pitched.
A wall of noise cascaded down the hall way, disrupting the quite complacency so clung to in most of the studios. The white noised rumble of nothing began to mold, and shape, and transform as people began to contribute there own musical talents, surprising, and astonishing the audience as the music went from noise, to rock, to punk, to metal, to funk, to anything and everything in between.
The bouncer assured people they were cool, picking out vip’s, trouble makers, and letting everyone know “we’re art stars, so we might as well be rock stars.”

The happenings of the night shimmied it’s ways down the hall, existing and evolving long past the doors were supposed to remain closed.
Finlay the band was on it’s 5th drummer, the 4th bass player, and a evolving string of lead singers. They all came and went, they flicked and disappeared, a mirror of the winding projection on the wall.

They entered the studios art appreciators, friends, family, and lookers on, and left rock stars, groupies, vip’s, and fans. The heart felt amplified noise resonated down the halls even as the last people locked the doors and moved on. They may never have this moment again, but they will always know that for that moment, they were “cool enough to get in.”
Colaboration with: Norberto Gomez JR, Sebastian Forray, Sean Morrissey-Carroll and Nick Teel

Featured Musicians: Francis Trotter, Crista, Elia Arce, Norby’s Fundamentals of Drawing Students, and many other people who are unknown.

Thank you.

Live Music, Digital Video, Peformance, 2008

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